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From 2020 to today
Kg of oil spilled into the sea
of which more than
Kg of oil recovered


FoamFlex can be used multiple times,
making it a convenient solution for spill management.
Once used to contain a spill, it can be easily cleaned
and reused, reducing the need for new materials.


FoamFlex is highly efficient in containing
and recovering oil spills. It can absorb up to 200 times
its own weight in oil, making it highly
effective in managing large spills.

Environmentally Friendly

FoamFlex is an eco-friendly solution for oil spills,
as it is made from recycled materials and can be
recycled again after use.
It does not contain harmful chemicals and does
not release toxins into the environment.


FoamFlex can be used in a variety of settings,
including on land, in water, and in adverse weather conditions.
It is highly adaptable to different types of spills and can
be used to contain and recover a wide range of hydrocarbons.

Oil Recovery

One of the unique strengths of FoamFlex is its ability
to recover spilled oil. The recovered oil can be put back
into production, which can result in significant savings
in costs for the oil and gas industry.

Overall, FoamFlex is a versatile and economical solution
that offers numerous benefits to the oil and gas industry.
Its reusability, efficiency, environmental compatibility,
versatility, and ability to recover spilled oil make it
an ideal choice for spill management in this sector.

Reusable, after simple wringing, more than 200 times.
1Kg of FoamFlex200 can absorb about 6000Kg of hydrocarbons