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Absorbency solutions: From FoamFlex innovation to customization
for industrial efficiency and sustainability

T1 Solutions separates water from oil through the high-tech FoamFlex solution. Therefore, we can work out together a solution that meets your needs. With extensive experience in research and development, T1 Solutions has developed a wide range of high-performance products that can be customized to meet specific customer needs. T1 Solutions' Industries offers a wide range of solutions designed to improve the efficiency of production processes, reduce operating costs, maximize return on investment, and preserve the natural environment.

The drivers of our products are always the same

High performance

Economic solution

Reusable (x200)

Oil Recovery

Tailor-made solution

Simple to use

Additional services:

evaluation, consulting, training.

The solutions we offer, especially in Industries and Oil&Gas, are protected by a confidentiality agreement and are customized for the customer. Below are some of the products we have adapted for resale.