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T1 Solutions

T1 Solutions is an innovative SME and benefit company whose mission is to protect the environment with greater concern for the marine ecosystem through the prevention and control of oil spills occur-ring in the water and through the use of FoamFlex in all its declinations for the benefit of all stake-holders.

An estimated 3.5 to 6 million tonnes of oil, equivalent to 55 oil tankers, are spilled into waters globally each year.

Just 1 litre of oil pollutes up to 1,000 square metres of water. One of T1 Solutions' major innovations is aimed at resolving this source of pollution using FoamFlex.

FoamFlex is an environmentally friendly polymer aimed at preventing and eventually removing pollution caused by oil and oil spills in water quickly and effectively.

FoamFlex, developed for the protection of the oceans by Oil Spill, has found application in a variety of sectors, such as maritime (ships, ports and marine) and industrial (water-oil filtration), contributing even more to environmental sustainability and the protection of our most precious asset: water.

Test1’s philosophy is to support, at the corporate level, the introduction of technologies and practices aimed at greater environmental sustainability.

In addition, T1 Solutions is  registered as a Benefit Corporation in that it operates responsibly and transparently for the purpose of protecting environmental conditions by combating pollution, especially of marine and fresh water, resulting from spills of hydrocarbons and, more generally, of oils and other polluting products.

This is thanks to the translation of advanced technology into a simple product such as FoamFlex, which can recover high quantities of oils in a short time and be reused several times.

FoamFlex is a circular solution suitable for all types and sizes of oil spills, from small everyday accidents to major disasters.

Not only products, but also service. T1 Solutions is one of the first Italian clean tech start-ups.

With the evolution of T1 Solutions into an innovative SME, we wanted to keep all the aspects that     positively characterise a start-up, introducing the qualification as a Benefit Company. These include dynamism, innovativeness, and the focus on first adopters of technology. While more and more corporations around the world are choosing T1 Solutions to safeguard the environment, attention and support for each individual partner or customer remain central to us. Our team is available to identify tailored solutions.

With FoamFlex, an oil absorbet technology, we want to help create a cleaner and more sustainable future for future generations.


T1 Solutions has achieved significant success with its innovative patented product, FoamFlex. This success is highlighted through numerous collaborations with prestigious universities, the publication of various academic studies, and the attainment of multiple recognitions, awards, and certifications in the industry.

TUHH- ULPG: publication in Journal of Marine Science and Engineering “Experimental Characterization and Field Experience of a Reusable, Modified Polyurethane Foam for the Mechanical Clean-Up of Oil Spills on the Sea Surface”

University of Genoa and Eni S.p.A., Environmental & Biological Laboratories, Eni S.p.A., Renewable, New Energies and Material Science Research Center, “A novel polyurethane-based sorbent material for oil spills management”

BOCCONI: May 22 testimony with A cube (as an impact incubator and accelerator), for the Bocconi sustainable operation management course.

Test1 carried out testimony focusing on the following topics: environmental impact, carbon footprint, sustainable supply chain management.

POLIMI: Jury contribution for the PoliMI Entrepreneurship Lab 2022 Project

2018, School of Mangement-Politecnico di Milano Project Leadership and Innovation Provision of the business brief for the drafting of projects.

Ca Foscari University: Selection and participation in the VeniSia accelerator

LUMSA University: Investmed summer school, Test1 testimony


T1 Solutions e il suo prodotto brevettato FoamFlex hanno ricevuto molteplici riconoscimenti, premi e certificazioni.


"T1 Solutions is proud to be part of the Water Defenders Alliance, an initiative led by LifeGate to combat marine pollution, especially from hydrocarbons. Joining forces with companies, institutions, and research centers, we are committed to protecting Italian waters, using our innovative magic sponges to make a positive environmental impact."

















Our Certifications

T1 Solutions' growth has resulted in several certifications, including that of a Benefit Company.

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